Misc - You Are Not Lost

Original: Tank Man

Title: Tank Man
Summary: Sometimes, being forgotten is okay, as long as you are still remembered.
Category: Summer Running (Original); Gen/Unorthodox Friendship
Rating: PG13
Word Count: 849
Warnings (if any): Older writing? Culturally displaced characters musing on topics near to my buttons. Chach's opinions are the polar opposite of mine 99.9% of the time.
Author's Notes: I am about to commit the cardinal sin of the creative journal - original fiction! Thoughts are more than welcome. These boys are two of my favorites.

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Misc - You Are Not Lost

Master Post: Forniamo Vantaggio

Title: Forniamo Vantaggio
Author: [info]errant_evermore
Artists: ceares
Characters/Pairings: Team
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Gen - Western/Fantasy/AU
Warnings/spoilers: None
Word Count: Pending
Summary: Nathan Ford is a veteran of the Unkind War and the mildly-corrupt sheriff of the land rush town of McRory, while Sophie Devereaux is a brilliant actress heartlessly abandoned by her troupe (or so she'll tell anyone who'll listen). When Alec Hardison and Eliot Spencer ride into town and right into trouble with the banker's Changeling daughter, they bring with them secret pasts that threaten everyone's futures.
Link(s) to fic:Link to art: Pending