March 23rd, 2012

Misc - You Are Not Lost

Art Masterpost - Turn & Turn Again

Title: House
Artist: [info]errant_evermore
Writer: [info]alinaandalion
Disclaimer: I don't own things, I just find songs!
Characters/Pairings: Team, Sterling, Maggie; Nate/Sophie, Parker/Hardison, background Maggie/Sterling.
Genre: Drama, Angst
Rating: G for mix, NC-17 for fic
  • Mix: None.
  • Fic: Character death, graphic sex, spoilers for up through the end of Season Four, but particularly for "The Queen's Gambit Job.
Word Count:  32,919
Summary:  A shadow organization takes the team and Maggie prisoner, leaving Nate on the run while the others are left to face experimentation and the beginnings of a spiral into insanity. 
Link(s) to fic: On Livejournal :: On AO3

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